Custom Login Screen

Looking to have a custom lock screen for your computer.  This can be used by anyone, but is really geared more to a business environment.  We know that some of our clients and other business, like to try and keep their computers uniform across their operations.  Whether its the same brand, operating system, parts and such, they like them being the same.  Well now you can do so visually when someone starts one of your computers.Custom Logon Screen

We will work with you to create a new logon/lock screen for your Windows 7 and up machines.  We will utilize your business logo or anything else you wish to use for your image.  Want to mark certain machines as Security Use Only or HIPPA compliant or such, so that its visible from the start, then let us help you.

We will work with you to create your custom logon screen and install it for you.  We can create them from scratch or use items that your business may already have, image wise.  The better quality the image or logo, the better your logon screen will look.  Plus, this logon screen image can be used as a default desktop background as well to keep your computers looking uniform.