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  RingCentral® Has Come To Kaufman

We are approved to be an authorized dealer for RingCentral®.  While there are others out there that may provide a link to signup for this service, we are proud to offer a complete hands-on solution for you.  What does that mean?  Well its simple, we will work directly with you to determine your needs for your VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution and help you obtain the best options for your money.  Not only do we assist in ordering your account, we will assist you in installing IP based phones, network configuration, software training and more.

While you may be saying that you already have a business phone system in place, we feel that if you allow us a short amount of your time, we can show you how to save money and provide a better business experience to your own customers.  RingCentral has the unique aspect of being hosted in the Cloud, which gives you far more flexibility over traditional phone systems or locally hosted VoIP systems.  Whether you have an office that you need phone service for or you spend a lot of time on the job site or out in the field, we can find a solution that will fit your needs and keep you in touch.free_storage

cisco-spa525g    RingCentral is unique that it allows you to choose from several different options.  If you have a need for phones in your office, we offer a large selection of IP based phones that range from handling 1 phone call at a time up to 12 and more, without having to buy that many phone lines from the phone company.  Because RingCentral is cloud based, if all the “phone lines” on your phone are currently being used, any new customers calling will be given the option to be placed in a que and wait until you can get them or be transferred to the voice mail.  On most phone systems, if you wanted to handle 2 calls at once, you would have to purchase 2 separate phone lines, with RingCentral, you would be able to handle it all with one line and phone.

If you run a business that has employees out and about all the time, or maybe even located across the country, using RingCentral now gives you the ability to tie them all together like they were sitting in your office.  You can direct their extension number to ring their cellphone or provide them with an IP based phone in their own office.  Unlike traditional phone service where you pay for each line, with RingCentral Office, you pay for each user, but don’t think that a user is the person that the call is going to.  A user, in RingCentral’s eyes, is any device that you provide a dial-tone to.  This means that the IP phone you have in your office is considered a user, but your employees cellphone is not.  Features

If yourself and all your employees are always out and on your cellphone, you could signup for the RingCentral Mobile and receive all the benefits of the Office setup without the expense.  Want to use RingCentral, but don’t want to by new IP based phones, you can purchase adapters that will allow you to contect your old analog phones and fax machines to the RingCentral system.  Have more questions about RingCentral or how we can assist you with this, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.  If you are ready to get started, please call us at 469-464-5555 ext. 201.  Please feel free to contact us for more information, pricing, quotes and more.  We will be happy to discuss your needs, compare it other VoIP options and provide a free quote.

* Free Storage Is Not Part Of Your RingCentral Account, But Provided By A Different Service.