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Avast Anti-Virus Software

We are pleased to announce that we are an Authorized Reseller for Avast Software. We are proud offer such a great protection program to our customers. Whether you are looking for a simple Anti-Virus program or need to protect a

Network Cable Certification Coming

Do you know how fast your network is running? Does your network run at the specifications that you were told it was? This means if your network is CAT5e, do it meet that standard or CAT6a does it qualify? Unless

Website Server Migration

This is just a short announcement to let our customers, friends and visitors know that over the next week, we will be migrating the website to a new server and while there should be no interruption in service from the

Custom Login Screen

Looking to have a custom lock screen for your computer.  This can be used by anyone, but is really geared more to a business environment.  We know that some of our clients and other business, like to try and keep