DVDFab PC Backup – Review

DVDFab_smallThis summer, we were offered the chance to test out and review DVDFab PC Backup software from DVDFab.  DVDFab is a software manufacture that makes a varying level of programs both for OEM companies and end-point users of both Windows and Mac operating systems..  We are always on the lookout for backup solutions for both ourselves in our office and for our customers out in the field.  Before we start talking about DVDFab PC Bakcup, we wish to make one thing clear, we at Chris Hodgdon’s Computer Service LLC do not rely solely on one type of backup solution.  Not all programs have the full functionality that we are looking for and so may combine programs, services or systems together to make a more robust system.  Now, that being said, let’s talk about DVDFab PC Backup.

DVDFab PC Backup is a fairly inexpensive ($60 retail) backup software for your computer running all the latest (and older) versions of Windows.  Whether you are looking to do just a basic standard backup or maybe a clone/transfer of your computer, DVDFab PC Backup has an option for you.  We were testing the software in our office when we had a computer completely crash on us.  We were able to take the latest backup copy, that was stored on a network storage device and was able to clone the entire computer to a new machine.  While this type of cloning option is not really recommended, since there are various changes that have to be made in drivers and minor problems arise, we were able to make the move and starting use the new computer as if it was the old one.  This is an option that makes this software very valuable to both our office and our customers.

You have a large number of options to choose from, whether you want to backup drive or partition, just do standard file backups, make a system backup or just backup your emails, you can do this.  They give you option to clone your hard drive, normally used when changing to a solid state drive or just a large hard drive.  This make upgrade the drives in your computer easier.  The software is even designed to optimize the clone for solid state drives.

DVDFab_largeThe program also has a vast array of tools to use in general.  Whether you need to check your backup image, to creating a rescue disk that will let you (in most cases) access a hard drive that is no longer working in your computer.  Basically, if the drive is not physically damage, you should be able to access and use their support software to get your data back.  Does your office still use tape backups, there is a tool within the program that will assist in your tape management.

We have never relied on any backup options provided with Windows itself and have always looked at third party solutions.  We will be using DVDFab PC Backup for some time to come, on some of our machines, while we continue to test, try and see how other programs work and function.  While our main business is computer support and repair, we also enjoy working with various companies in trying out their software (beta testing), testing in house for a review and more.  DVDFab Backup will be an option that we will recommend to our customers that are looking for backup solutions.  The support is wonderful and we could not have asked for a better program to test.

We were provided a license for this software in exchange for our reviewing it.  This in no way affected our decision for the remarks made or score given.
We have noticed search engine results coming to our site looking for either a DVDFab PC Backup crack or key.  We regret to inform you that you will not find any such information listed on our site or linked to by use.