Business Hours

Back to schoolWe have changed our hours to our School Year (Fall-Spring) Hours.  Please remember that our team members are made up of employees for our local school district and our operation hours are changed to reflect this need.  We are here to help you, our customer and strive to offer convenient hours to meet your needs.  You can use the chart below to see our current hours of operation, but understand that they can also be adjust in times of emergency and that we can also assist remotely.  Please contact us for details.

The main change in our hours is that we generally provide service in the evenings and all day Saturday.  We also have all day hours on school holidays, based on the Kaufman ISD calendar.  We use our calendar to shows the days that are considered school holidays and those days that we are closed, expect for emergencies.

Monday 4:45pm to 10pm
Tuesday 4:45pm to 10pm
Wednesday Closed Expect For Emergencies
Thursday 4:45pm to 10pm
Friday 4:45pm to 10pm
Saturday 8am to 8pm
Sunday Closed Expect For Emergencies
School Holiday 8am to 8pm – Check Calendar for Days Open

We have actually found that these hours work best both for our team and our customers.  Feel free to contact us for comments or questions.