Website Design

Website design is just as important today as having a website.  Gone are the days of simple animated graphics and child-like looking website.  Now they are super powered and reflect your business.  We are proud to offer website design as a service to our customers.23144b1sbsyiz27  We offer several types of website design services, whether you just need help getting your site initially setup or need us to run your site on a regular basis for you.  While we are able to assist in most design formats, we recommend using WordPress or Joomla!

to handle the main operation of your website.  WordPress and Joomla! are known as a Content Management System, and allows for easy updating of your website.  Once you have your site looking the way you want it to, keeping it update is as easy as typing an email or word document.

When you decide to allow us to help you with the development of our website, we will make all efforts to get it setup the way you would like.  We offer the ability to install WordPress or Joomla! for you and getting it running on your server, we can create a template or assist in finding a template online, to maintaining your website on a regular basis for you.  If you want to run your site yourself once its live, we will be happy to work with you and show you how to maintain your website on your own.  Next to the “basic” hosting/design services offered by others, this couldn’t be easier.  Having your online real estate is just as important as making it look good.

Whether you want a site for your small business to show what you have to offer or maybe even sell, to a church website for connecting with your members to a social or forum website, we can assist you.   Having your own site will allow you to connect with your friends, family, customers and more.  We have or can find the solution to your needs.

28118kp7cvbhoau    Having a good looking website that your visitors can use will make all the difference for you.  You may even find that you will have new customers come to you from places you have never thought of.  This is no longer a large world.  It is in fact a small world that seems to become more connect each day.  Take this opportunity to connect with your fellow neighbors.  Even if you already have a website, please consider allowing us to redevelop your site and give you a new look.

You can see a few of our examples here:

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  • Basic WordPress/Joomla Install $25
  • General Site Design $50+
  • Site Maintenance – Please Contact