Photo Credits

Like most websites on the Internet, our website ( contains images and photographs.  All images that are used on this website are the copyrighted and sole property of their owner, which is usually the person that took the photograph or created the image.  Our website also contains original works of Chris Hodgdon’s Computer Service LLC, Chris Hodgdon, Jacynda Hodgdon, other owners and/or  our employees.  Photos that belong to Chris Hodgdon’s Computer Service or a member of the company shall contain a copyright notice on the photo itself, usually in the form of a statement say Copyright © (or just ©) Date and Name.

In an effort to comply with rules and agreements to use photos/images made by others on this website, we have created this photo credits page.  Below you will find a list of images included on this site, with links, names or other required information,  Please feel free to visit these links to view other works by these individuals.

Doctor Photo: photostock /

Cross Image:

Combination Lock: nuttakit /

Computer Network/Social Network/Computer Backup/Domain Name: jscreationzs /

Digital Real Estate/Digital Population/Hard Drive:  renjith krishnan /

eCycle Image: digitalart /

Thumb Drive Image: creativedoxfoto /

External Hard Drive image: Naypong /

Investigation Image: Simon Howden /

International Laptop: renjith krishnan /

Computer Images:

Printer Ink Cartrididges: BrandonSigma /

WWW Construction Photo: ddpavumba /

Download Button Photo: Stuart Miles /