Network Systems

A network system, more commonly known as a Local Area Network (LAN) is a system consisting of 2 or more computers linked together by either Ethernet cables or wireless connections.  In many cases, these network systems connect to a Wide Area Network (WAN) which is your connection to the Internet.  We have created pages dedicated to each type of LAN service, the benefits of each and more.24154ukf3yass2z

Chris Hodgdon’s Computer Service LLC is dedicated to help to design, install, setup and maintain various LAN systems for your home, Small Office/Home Office, office, church, non-profit, school or just about anywhere else.  We work with you, the customer, to determine what type of network system will meet your needs and how it will be implemented.  For wired LAN’s we use the most current high quality CAT5e cabling, unless you request the use of CAT6 for future proofing.

If you wish to connect 2 or more computers together or want to connect your computer(s) to the Internet, you must have some form of network.  The simplest network that anyone will have is a single computer connect to some type of modem to allow them access to the Internet.  This modem can be in the form of an old-style dial-up modem, DSL, cable, satellite or wireless modem, that connects your computer to the outside world.