IM-Magic Partition Resizer Review


IM-Magic Partition Resizer

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What size hard-drive is in your computer right now?  Does your system show that you have two hard-drives?  Have you physically check to see if its more than one drive?  In a lot of cases, its actually only one hard-drive that has been divided into 2 or more partitions, making it look like more than one drive.  IM-Magic offers a great program to help you out, its called Partition Resizer.

As you can see in the image (borrowed from IM-Magic) the Local Disk C: is running out of space, but what you don’t know, without opening the computer or using this software is that the physical hard-drive is actually quite a bit bigger than 34.0 GB.  Now, instead of deleting or trying to move files to another drive, can you use Partition Resizer to change the size of the existing partition with free space from another.  On IM-Magic’s website, they show changing it to 60.0 GB.  This is a great way to create/recover hard-drive space for a great price.

In our office, we work with customers on a daily basis to make their computers better for them for a fair price.  Sometimes, this includes installing or updating hard-drives.  We have seen people be concerned in seeing a 1 TB drive listed in the computer, so we might resize the partition to show it as 2 500 GB hard-drives.  We have even had a customer that got a new hard drive and we created partition’s to create different drives for different file types, music on one, photo’s on another, etc.

When we setup a new computer or refurbish a new computer with a 250 GB or larger drive, we like to make a decent size partition for the operating system and installed programs, while making another partition to store their data on.  This, at times, makes it easier to handle a reinstall of their computer.  If your building your own computer, setting a new drive or have any reason to adjust your partition’s to your own liking, then check out Partition Resizer.  Its a great quality program at a fair price.  Whether you need it for just one computer, a dozen or more, they offer great pricing.  We have used this on our own computers within our office and will be using this for some time to come.

Regardless of what program is used to create a partition on a hard-drive,
it will not prevent data-loss due to hard-drive failure.