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Thank you for visiting our RingCentral® frequently asked questions (FAQs) page.  We have tried to address the most common questions that we have received or think that might be asked.  If you don’t see a question listed here, please feel free to use the contact form and send us your question.  If it is unique, we will both answer it to you and include it on this page below.

General Questions

What Does VoIP Stand For?

Why Is RingCentral Better Than Other Business PBX or VoIP Options?

I Currently Have More Than One Phone Line, How Can VoIP Help?

Do I Have To Have High Speed Internet?

How Many Phones Do I Have To Buy?

Whats The Difference Between A User And A Device?

How Many Phone Lines Can I Get?

I Don't Want To Lose My Current Phone Number(s)?

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Can I Use My Current Credit Card Machine With RingCentral?

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My Office Is A Mobile Phone, How Can RingCentral Help Me?

Is There An App For That?

I Have Satellite Internet, Can I Still Use RingCentral?