Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s – Refurbished Computer Program

ms-registered-refurb_blWelcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page about our refurbished computer program.  We are proud to be a registered member of the Microsoft Registered Refurbishers program.  For more information on this Microsoft program, just click on the logo to the right.  Over the past few years, we have been refurbishing computers in house for a local charity to use in their operations, but now, we wish to continue this effort for the community at large.  There a many rules and policies in place both my Microsoft and Chris Hodgdon’s Computer Service LLC to ensure that best overall quality of the program to the public.

General Questions

What is a refurbished computer system?

What is considered minor PC Components?

Why Refurbish?

Can't I Just Throw It Away?

What About These Manufacture Recycling Programs?

What About My Privacy?

Are These Refurbished Computers Legally Licensed?

Refurbication Requirements

Accepted Computers

Do I Have To Have The Disk That Came With My Computer?


Keyboards and Mouse

Other Information

What Software Is Available Through The Refurbisher Program?

Technology Access Program

I Do Not Meet The Requirements For A TAP Recipient, Can I Still Get A Refurbished Computer?