Electronic Investigation Services



We Do Not Provide Investigation Services – Read Article

    Do you think you have an employee that is stealing from you using your computer or do you think that someone has stolen your bank information that you have stored on your laptop, you might be right.  Do you have concerns about what people are hiding on your computer, you are not alone.  It may be time to investigate your computer system and see what has been going on.  Time is very important, the sooner you start your investigation the quicker it can be resolved.

At this time, we do not provide computer forensic services* (investigation services) directly at this time, for the purpose of determining a possible crime, as it is a regulated service in the State of Texas.  However, we have partnered with another locally based company that has State of Texas licensed Private Investigators, as required by law.  Do to security protocols, we do not release the information on this company directly to the public and will work with our customers to have their needs met.

This is not related to virus or malware issues that we see everyday, but for those that feel that their has been some type of criminal activity taking place on your computer or for the investigation of files on your computer that you may use in the termination of an employee or other similar activity, where the investigation of such files may be used in a court of law or other similar legal situation.

For a list of items that might be included in the investigation of a computer, please contact us directly.  Pricing for investigation services is regulated by our partnered security company.  Please understand that they will have their own payment terms, fees, privacy policy and such which will be disclosed when you decide to pursue their service.

* It is illegal for any computer business to perform any type of forensic or investigation service on your computer if they are not licensed as a Private Investigation Security Company or Private Investigator.