Custom Built Computer

crossfire 200x150px

crossfire 200x150pxNot happy with the standard computers you can find in our local store or just looking for something a little special, then we are here to help you.  We have several options to be able to create a totally custom computer to meet your needs.  Whether you want the latest in gaming computers, a media server, laptop or a command center, we will work with you to create your one custom machine.  All custom computers are built by hand, one at a time and will meet and/or exceed your expectations.

We will talk with you to find out what you want in your computer, what you plan on doing with it and what you expect it to do.  In order to insure that you have the latest parts for your customs pc, we do not stock parts in our office.  We will obtain components to meet your needs when you make your request.  Once you have requested your computer and we submit the quote to you, you will have 15 days to make your order before a new quote will be required.