Content Filtering


DeniedWe respect the rights of individuals to have the freedom of speech and freedom of access to items on the Internet, but was also respect the right and needs for employers/businesses¹ to protect their employees, computers, networks and company and parents² rights to protect children from websites that they feel are inappropriate.

We offer several different options to filter content on your computer.  Several of our options are free to use regardless of your need, but may have limited options to choose from.  We can also obtain several that are paid for, either by purchasing a subscription and/or equipment to handle the filtering for you.

We prefer the free options, for both business and personal use, as they have more than enough features for us.  One of the nice features of the free systems, is that the equipment is located in the cloud and you do not have to maintain it or pay for it.  You just use your Internet to setup your requirements.  The free options usually includes a search page to help find a website that might have been typed in wrong.

We can assist you in setting up the content filtering on an individual computer or in some cases on your router/modem to protect your whole network.  We charge $5³ per machine (2 or more) or $25³ per main network router, to install and configure any of the free content filtering options.  Get a grip on what is accessed on your network.

(Chris Hodgdon’s Computer Service LLC does not make any promises or guarantees on network filters.  The internet is ever changing.  The filtering service providers may or may not have guarantees, but you will have to visit their websites for more details.)

¹ Employers/businesses are responsible for the content viewed and files downloaded to their computers or via their network.  This includes protecting Wi-Fi access granted to customers.  You can be held liable for what is transmitted on your network.

² Parents (or anyone in general) should protect their home networks.  Whether you want to protect your children from viewing porn or downloading unauthorized files, or preventing guest or neighbors from doing the same, you need to filter what is handled on your networks.  You can be held liable for what is transmitted on your network.

³ 1 computer only is $10. 2 or more computers is $5 each.  $25 to setup the main router/modem that runs your network.  This is only for customers located within the Kaufman ISD School District Map, Crandall, Scurry, Rosser.  If located outside of the listed area’s, the following will be the fee’s, Residential customer $35 per hour (normal service fee) + $2.50 per machine or $12.50 for a router/modem.  Business customer $75 per hour (normal service fee) + $2.5o per machine or $12.50 for a router/modem.  Pricing does not include tax.
Not all routers have the ability to be configured to provide filtering and