Backup Solutions

backupSign up today and get 5 GB’s of free storageĀ¹.

We are proud to offer a variety of backup solutions for our customers.Ā  While we work with you to develop a local backup solutions, we also have partnered with several companiesĀ° to offer off-site/online backup solutions.Ā  While everyone knows that they need to backup the files, not a lot of people actually do this, or maybe you just do a local backup on a CD or DVD disk and consider it done.Ā  You may be surprised that this is not the best solution for backing up for files.Ā  Every year, 43% of computer users lose irreplaceable photos, emails, documents, music, financial records and more.

But I do local backups all the time, I’m safe, right?Ā  No, local backups are considered backups on the same computer, CD, DVD, external hard drive, USB thumb drive or similar format that is kept in the same place as your computer you are backing up.Ā  If your system is in your home and you have a fire and lose everything, you also lose your backed up data.Ā  Damaged hard drives, stolen computers, electrical problems, these are just some of the items that can render your computer and possible your local backup useless.external_drive

While we can provide a simple data recovery and have partnered with an industry leader for major data recovery, the problem is that these options do not always work.Ā  If you keep items on your computer that you can not replace, such as photos and documents, an online backup solution should be considered a must.Ā  We offer several online options that range for 5 gigs (free) of storage to unlimited* storage.Ā  Just so you know, if you are wanting to establish a true business backup accountĀ², not a family/small office/home office account, most services do not offer unlimited backup, but have certain sizes that you can choose from.Ā  We will work with you to choose the best option for your needs.Ā  Once you are signed up and your system setup, it all become automatic and you do not have to worry about anything.

For basic pricingĀ± and information related to these online storage accounts, please click here.

Ā¹ 5 GB’s for free is limited to one computer.
* Unlimited storage accounts are limited to one computer.
Ā² Business accounts areĀ  for unlimited number of computers
Ā³ Family/SOHO accounts are generally 1 to 5 computers, depending on account purchased
Ā° All accounts are administered by nationally recognized companies and you agree to comply with their policies related to the service you choose.