WinX DVD Copy Pro Giveaway – Review

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We have launched our first online contest with support from Digiarty Software, Inc. and several licenses for their WinX DVD Copy Pro software.  Digiarty Software, Inc. is the maker of many different types of programs that can be used make backups of DVD’s and Blu-ray disks and save them in digital formats that will allow you to use them on your iPhone, Android based devices and other items*.  You can purchase a full version, that includes upgrades, at 38% off the regular price today.

I have been using a copy of WinX DVD Copy Pro for about a year now.  I watch and see when they run special promotions on it and get a copy.  Its a great program that I have played with and use for various test and trials.  This has been a great program for recovering data from scratched DVD’s.  We have tested it in making backups of movies and can verify that it works.  Our understanding is that a lot of DVD’s and Blu-rays come with a digital copy these days, but that the quality of those copies is not equal to what is on the disc itself.  You, in theory could make a better digital copy of your disk.  You might have DVD’s that are no longer in circulation/production or may not have a companion digital copy and you could use this software to make a safety backup.

During our testing of WinX DVD Copy Pro, we were able to make exact duplicates of DVD’s (1:1 copies) in a very short time, whether for storage on the computer or to place on a blank DVD.  We have used this software in our test with DVD’s that have been scratched and no longer readable by a movie DVD player, to make backup copies that were almost as flawless as the originals.  This could be a great way to protect your little ones special DVD’s, so that they can continue to be used day after day.

For any parent, we recommend this software and feel that if used responsibly, this can help to make your life a little less crazy.  We do not suggest that anyone use this software to make copies of DVD’s for sale or online share and can not provide legal information on doing this, but we do feel that parents or collectors should be able to use this software to protect your investment.

Contest Information

Chris Hodgdon’s Computer Service LLC was given a number of licenses for the WinX DVD Copy Pro software, to be given away as awards for our online contest. We will be announcing 9 winners for our Facebook contest.  The contest will run from July 31 thru August 15, 2014.  We are using a third party system to administrator the contest and we will use them to select 9 random winners.

Winners will be contact by email, before posting on our Facebook page.  If you win, you should receive your email within 5 days of the drawing.  Once you receive your email, contact us back and we will provide a download link and the license key for your software.  Per the agreement with Digiarty Software, Inc., you must register your software no later than September 10th, 2014.  Failure to register your software will make your license key invalid and a new one will not be issued.  This means, use it or lose it, period.

Digiarty Software, Inc. is providing a full (limited) license to their WinX DVD Copy Pro software.  This means that you are fully licensed to use this software, but may have a welcome screen showing that you have a “limited” version.  The license you receive does not include upgrade rights to the software.  Per the email from Digiarty Software, Inc. “Giveaway version work the same as full version, but cannot support free upgrade to the newer version.”  You have the option to purchase the upgrade and receive all benefits in the future as provided by Digiarty Software, Inc.

As a winner its also your responsibility to protect your license key that you are provided.  If Digiarty Software, Inc. determines that a license key has been leaked to the public, they have the right to revoke the use of that key, making your software invalid.

*  We know that there are various laws out there in regards to making copies and backups of DVD’s and their content.  Chris Hodgdon’s Computer Service LLC, does not endorse the breaking of these laws.

The users of this software (and in our contest, the winners of licenses) are fully responsible for the proper use of this software and complying with your local or national laws.