Why Have An Offsite Backup Solution?

FireWe get asked all the time “why do I need an offsite backup solution?” or just why do I need a backup solution at all.  Well, the answer just depends on how important the information on your computer is to you.  Do you run a business on your computer, do you have lots of photo’s or music that you can not replace.

Now-a-days we have so much information from our lives stored on a computer and that means you really need to backup your information.  You might say, well I backup them to a usb thumb drive or a cd/dvd or external hard drive.  Well that’s great, but what happens if that item become damage?  If that is all the backup you had, you may have lost everything.

We had several customers in the past tell us that they had a backup solution for their business.  They were backup up their data to an external hard drive in their office.  The only problem was, if some type of disaster struck their office, not only would they lose the computer with the original data on it, but also risk losing the backup drive as well.  We had another customer that would backup their data to a USB thumb drive and leave it in the office as well, which would run into the same problem.  When we mentioned this to them, they stated that they would just take the thumb drive with them.  Well that is all and good, but we asked them about what would happen if they lost the drive, or had a disaster at home or whatever location they kept it at.  Its great that they backed it up, but it needs to be protected.flame-drive

Regardless of what type of local backup solution you have, we have partnered with a world leader in offsite online backup.  For a small price you can backup all the important data you want for your plan.  It is protected in a industry leading data centers, is encrypted to protect your data from miss use, and can be backed up on a regular basis or continuously.  Visit our Data Backup Solutions page for more information.