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Custom Login Screen

Looking to have a custom lock screen for your computer.  This can be used by anyone, but is really geared more to a business environment.  We know that some of our clients and other business, like to try and keep

Hide.Me VPN Service

Over the last year, we have checked out, tested and used several VPN services and for the most part have been very pleased.  Not sure what a VPN is, check out our VPN Quick Guide (to come). We recently found

Battery Backups

How do you protect your computer or other electronic equipment, from power flickers or outages?  If you don’t (or have not thought about it), your putting your equipment in danger.  If you have an office (or at home) were you

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Review

[yasr_overall_rating size=”small”] What size hard-drive is in your computer right now?  Does your system show that you have two hard-drives?  Have you physically check to see if its more than one drive?  In a lot of cases, its actually only