Offer Terms and Conditions

Prevent Windows 10 Offer from Facebook

* Chris Hodgdon’s Computer Service LLC is offer the following services for this offer.  We will either prevent Microsoft from automatically upgrading your computer to Windows 10 or we will assist you in performing a proper upgrade if you desire.

If you desire to prevent your computer from upgrading at this time, we will work to properly setup your computer to prevent the current upgrade option from working.  We will use proven techniques to protect your computer, until such time that you are ready to upgrade.

If you wish to upgrade your computer now, we will work with you to make sure that you have a safe, proper and complete upgrade experience. One step that we will take, if you desire, is to perform a complete backup of your data on your computer before performing the upgrade.  We will work to insure that the update is complete and current with any updates at the time of the upgrade.

What is not included in this service, is the restoration of a version prior to Windows 10, if you have already performed the upgrade and wish to revert back to your prevision version.  We can help with this option, but its a totally different service and has a different pricing level for it.  This offer is only for the prevention of the upgrade or assist in the upgrade for you.

Pricing is $20 per machine up to 2 computers.
Pricing is $15 per machine if you have more than 2 computers.

Pricing does not include tax and all jobs are taxable without proper tax exemption paperwork.


We guarantee that the prevention methods we use are the most current at the time of service.  We will not guarnetee that this will prevent Windows 10 upgrading automatically in the future, if Microsoft changes their updating settings, but we will work with all customers in the future for a minimal charge (or free) to continue to prevent Windows 10 automatically upgrading.

We guarantee that an upgrade will be performed with the most current information and design at the time of service.  We are not responsible for upgrade failure or problems resulting for an upgrade.  We do ask that you have the software installation media for any programs that you wish to keep, if you have them, then insure that they can be replaced if damaged during the upgrade.  We do not guarantee that any 3rd party programs will work with Windows 10, as that is beyond our control.